TVR Tuscan

Frequently Asked Questions

Engine and Gearbox

What is the maximum RPM?
What are the gear ratios?
What should the RPMs be at idle?
What do the EFI fault codes mean?
Where can I get the engine management software?
What engine coolant should I use?
Which oil do I use and how often should I check it?
What should the normal oil pressure be?
What is the normal engine operating temperature?
At what temperature do the fans come on?
What is the normal water temperature?
What replacement spark plugs do I need?
What fluid does the gearbox need?
What is Hydratrak (standard on Tuscan S)?


Where is the ECU connection socket located?
Where can I find info on ECU wiring loom and connectors?
What type of replacement battery do I need?
What should the battery voltage be?
Where can I find the fusebox layout and required fuses?


Which fuel type does it need?
How much does it cost to fill up the tank?
What average MPG can I expect?


What size wipers do I need?
What is the ground clearance?
How big is it? Will it fit in the garage?
Is it comfortable for a large/small person?
How big is the boot?

Wheels, Tyres and Brakes

What are the tyre sizes?
What should the tyre pressures be?
Does the Tuscan come with a spare wheel?
What locking wheel nuts will fit?
Where can I find a list of geometry settings?
What type of brakes are on the Tuscan?


Where is the speed sensor located?
Where is the oil temperature sensor located?
Where is the carbon filter for the fuel return located?
Where is the battery located and how do I get to it?
Where is the jump start socket located?
Where is the fuel cut-off switch?
Where is the fuse box?
Where is the rev counter displayed?
Where do I find the Vehicle Identification Number?

Running Costs

What insurance group is the Tuscan?
How much does servicing cost?


What are the red pull levers underneath the dashboard?
What are the three lights above the steering wheel?
Where can I find a list of torque settings?
How often should my car be serviced?
What should I keep in my car 'emergency kit'?
What's the difference between a standard Tuscan and S?
What safety features does the Tuscan have?


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